The Work with Purpose Initiative of Bethel Seminary started in 2013. We exist to help the Church embrace whole-life discipleship and an integrated vision of work, vocation, and economics. Our mission is to prepare Christian leaders to encourage and equip the Church to effectively engage in all work.

This blog contains reflections from members of the 100,000 Hours Colloquy. Each year, Bethel Seminary hosts this reading group in St. Paul and San Diego. Seminary students, along with MBA, MASL and PA students in St. Paul, gather twice a month to discuss four different books on faith, work, and economics. The name of the Colloquy reflects the fact that the average person will spend at least 100,000 hours of her or his life at work. Colloquy members think together about how to address these hours with biblical integrity and practical power.

Seminary students write papers synthesizing what they learned from the resources, and the winning paper from each campus receives a cash prize. Here are the past Colloquy winners along with links to their complete papers:

Learn more about us at bethel.edu/seminary/work-with-purpose.

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