Working for God’s glory

By Elizabeth Cowell, Bethel Seminary San Diego

More churches should include sermons and teachings about marketplace ministry and perhaps have their own reading group or a life groups that reads these books. I think Christians need to be encouraged in this area and should be empowered that they can make a difference in their own workplace. And for the entrepreneurs, they should be encouraged to use their position and companies for the Kingdom; it would be really easy for business owners to provide job training for those who need it. As someone who is almost graduating seminary and has some ministry experience and has been applying for different pastoral positions and has been unsuccessful, I can only imagine how discouraged and hopeless other people feel who have no experience or education. It is time that Christian’s be proactive about this issue; it is time that Christians stop compartmentalizing their lives between work, family, and church. The Gospel is supposed to be in every area of our lives and we should be living it out in every area of our lives. Our careers need to be a place of ministry and service; our lives need to reflect Christ in every area. This does not mean that we cannot have down time for self-care or for family obligations but we need to be a people to who responds to call that God has put on our lives. And God is calling all of us, not part of us; He is calling us to surrender our selfish desires and to be people who live to glorify Him with all areas of our lives.

I believe many people change careers so many times because they become unhappy with the job. And one of the reasons why they become unhappy is because they are not using their position for God’s glory. When we do not use our jobs for God’s glory, doing the same thing every day can get boring and we not having the proper perspective in place can make us feel like we are missing something or that there is something better out there. So when it comes to our work or career it is important to understand the vocation aspect of why we are doing what we are doing. We have careers to bring glory to God and that involves serving others and this should be our driving factor, not the how much money we are making or the title we possess or even the tasks we do. We must allow God to use us where we are and continuously focus on the Gospel so that our own humanity does not rob us the opportunity to impact someone’s life for the Kingdom of God.

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