Being an ambassador of Christ in the workplace

By Leivonie Harris, Bethel Seminary San Diego

50 years ago it was not so taboo to talk about God in the workplace but now it seems that the Christian posture has changed and being a representative of Christ has been masked to fit the needs of our culture. If there was ever a time to integrate faith with work; it is now. We don’t have to be so radical about our opinions and display of beliefs but making known who we are can start an open, transparent relationship with the emotional and spiritual needs of others. The event of September 11th brought many people together as we tried to piece together what happened, it was a call for believers show compassion to those who were temporarily displaced.

Beyond that tragedy, we are placed in our current setting to fulfill a calling that God has called us to achieve at a specific time. Each author does a good job with defining the difference between a calling and vocation. Distinguishing these two meanings was important because ultimately doing the work for God is more glorified than someone working just to gain riches and status in the world. Being in this reading group has taught me to open up dialogue with those in my faith community about integrating faith at work and has allowed me to be open about bringing these ideas to work.

We as Christians cannot be afraid to integrate in the workplace, or be ashamed to acknowledge that we were placed in that setting for a purpose. The recognition of who we are through Christ will begin to permeate through the workplace, pouring into lost souls who may perceive the work as meaningless. We must continue to be that light in the work place because it is an honor and we cannot allow the lamp to go out because that stops the progression of the Holy Spirit for the real work to take place and that’s giving God all the glory.

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