Reflections on balance

By Daniel Froman, Bethel Seminary San Diego

At the beginning of this book group I was going through a situation where I realized I had become unbalanced.   I had made some decisions to help regain that balance and in a great example of God’s timing, I joined this book group.   All four books taught me something about how to regain my balance, but somewhere in the process I came to realize I was more unbalanced than I thought.   These books provided me with some great resources and questions to consider as I sought to find the balance again.   I was able to talk about these questions in a more neutral way with various mentors and my parents as a result.

When we face tough times and have questions/doubts it is very easy to get overly emotional and miss the point.   While the direct lesson I take away from these books helped me to better frame what balance in my life looks like, I learned indirectly to control my perspective throughout this process.   It would be easy for me to blame others or even blame God to some degree with regard to certain aspects of my situation, but how does that help me?   It would hurt me more, because then I cut myself off from the people who might help me learn from the situation and improve myself for the future.

As I have tried to teach the students I’ve worked with, the only thing we can control in this world is how we react to situations.   Part of balance is knowing that work is not always going to be pleasant and sometimes we will be called to do work we don’t want to do or don’t feel equipped to do.   But if we are willing to shift our perspective to learn something from every situation and job that we do in life, I can only imagine what kind of adventures God would call us to.

Image © Kydriashka | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

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